What are proxies?

            If you check out your Internet settings you will surely find the ‘proxy’ option. This is a tool that your computer uses for protection of your personal information. Proxies are something like barriers that enable you to look at websites and get access to their information, but they protect your computer from websites that want to access your information. Proxies are filtering the requests and proxy servers work in few important steps. First, you connect to the proxy server. Then you are requesting some information like connecting to a particular website or similar. After that, the proxy server filters this request and the verified request is being sent to the proxy server. Final step is when you receive back the filtered information.

You should remember that proxies or proxy servers are usually used for protection, but they can also block access to some websites that contain some inappropriate content. Businesses and different companies usually use proxy servers to prevent their workers from accessing certain websites such as up and coming snapchat site SnapSexter and to protect information from leaking out of the company. There are many different types of proxies, all with different purposes and working in different ways.

Web proxies are usually used for filtering internet content. Logs contain information about certain websites that are being accessed by users and web proxies are also used for monitoring bandwidth usage. Caching proxy servers are speeding up the requests. They keep copies of frequently requested resources, which has a good impact on bandwidth usage and it improves the speed and overall performance of the computer. Anonymizing proxies are used for making online surfing completely anonymous. However, although you can access websites without giving out your information you should still remember that the actual proxy server can still access your information. Hostile proxy is another type of proxy server which is being used for getting information about the forms you have filled out online or web pages that you have visited.

Proxies are often used by companies that work in the internet marketing industry, in order to check out their capabilities for handling data. Many times there are some limitations that receiving proxy servers get with some specific IP address, but with proxies the IP address is changed. With this method, the companies that do not have many servers available at all times are able to handle data much better.

Besides the abovementioned proxies, there are other proxy servers too, but they are not as commonly used as the mentioned. Finally, proxies are usually used for limiting the amount of information that is being tracked and accessed by a particular Internet user. Proxies are primarily used by businesses, companies and corporations, but they are also often used at private homes as well. They are especially used by parents that want to protect their children from accessing offensive materials online. Hopefully, you now have a better idea what are proxies and how are they used. The more you learn about it, the better your chances for you to stay protected online would be.