The top 5 best websites for purchasing proxies

            You have probably experienced being blocked from certain website because of the location of your IP address. This unpleasant situation can be bypassed quickly and easily if you use a proxy server. Proxy server serves as mediator between you and the website you try to access, while at the same time keeping you anonymous online. Proxy servers are great for those people that want to keep their connections secure and private. If you are not facing any privacy problems, then free proxies will work fine for you, but if you want to increase safety and privacy you should go with paid proxies. These are not only fast and reliable, but also more secure than free proxies.

The following are the top five best websites for purchasing proxies.

  1. My Private Proxy or MPP is the most popular proxy service online. There you can find almost two hundred thousand IP addresses, which is great if you look for variety. You can get 10 proxies for $23.70 or 50 proxies for $87.50. You can also choose private proxies package for $1.49 per month or shared proxies package for $0.65 per month. Upon buying, your VPNs and private proxies are instantly activated. You will receive an activation mail with all the important information regarding how to start using proxies.
  2. High Proxies is the second website for purchasing premium proxies at very affordable prices. They have a fast server and many private IPs, as well as great customer support. You can choose between private proxies, shared proxies, instagram proxies, craigslist proxies, ticketing proxies, as well as private or shared virtual private networks. The cheapest package is the shared proxies coming at $0.64 per month, while the private VPN costs $6 per month. Here you can get ten proxies for $22 or fifty proxies for $85.
  3. Squid Proxies is the third website offering private proxies with guaranteed quality. They have super fast servers, unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP subnets, and there is no advertising on any of their anonymous proxy servers which is another great thing. Buy ten proxies for $24 or fifty proxies for $87.
  4. BuyProxies is another top website for purchasing quality proxies. Hundreds of locations, unlimited bandwidth, around the clock customer support, Firefox and Chrome plug-ins are just a few of the many great things you can get at this website. Best thing is that they own the proxy servers, so you will not get resold proxies from other providers or proxies from hacked computers. Their prices are also very competitive, so you can get ten proxies for twenty dollars or fifty proxies for eighty dollars.
  5. Your Private Proxy is the fifth website for purchasing proxies which completes the list of top five best websites in this category. There are all kinds of packages to choose from. Get one proxy for a monthly price of just seven dollars or 10 proxies for $30. You can even order 200 proxies if you wish for a price of $400.

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