Why do people use proxies?

Proxies work as intermediaries between you as a user and the Internet. Companies usually use proxy serves because of numerous good reasons. People are also getting advantage of proxies and use it primarily for protective purposes. So how exactly proxies work and why do people use them? Well, we all know that if you want to visit some website first thing you need to do is type the web address in the browser. Then that information it is being sent to the proxy server and then sent to the website you have typed in the browser. The website then returns the information to the proxy server which provides you with the website you want to visit. As you can guess, the website sees the proxies as their visitors, not you. That is how you protect your private information from being accessed by the website you are visiting. There are number of other reasons why do people use proxies. The following are some of them.

  • For sharing internet connections on LAN networks. Some families and smaller companies that have multiple computers can share the internet connection through a proxy server.
  • For speeding up the Internet browsing. By using proxies, all your requests made from your computer will first reach the proxy server. Then if your requests are cached in the proxy server`s hard disc, you will get information straight from the proxy server. This is done very quickly in comparison to direct accessing to the website.
  • For better control of the Internet usage. Many businesses do not want their employees to waste time by accessing particular websites. Adult sites, gambling sites, social networking sites and other similar websites are usually banned by the companies. If the company uses proxy servers, they can get access to the personal Internet log of their employees and track their online behavior. That way the companies can easily identify those employees that are misbehaving and wasting time online.
  • For improving Internet speed and saving bandwidth. Good thing about proxies is that they can compress the internet content by caching web pages. That way you can save some of the bandwidth and improve your internet speed because web pages will get loaded straight from the cache.
  • For increased privacy and security. Proxies are doing great job in hiding IP addresses and can prevent websites from getting access to your information. Proxies are also blocking the cookies that provide your private information to the servers and are blocking malicious and harmful websites. By using a proxy server you can always browse anonymously and that is what is attractive to many users.
  • For accessing restricted websites. Some countries ban specific websites such as milf dating site Milf Swiper, but with proxy server you can bypass the censorship and still visit the web page you are interested in seeing, even if you are not living in that particular region. All blocked websites can be easily accessed as proxies can bypass all kinds of filters and different restrictions.